Ph.D. student grant program

CEEP Student Research Grant

The Center for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP) is pleased to support graduate students at Columbia University conducting pre-dissertation and dissertation research. Our funding is made possible by support from the School of International and Public Affairs and the Earth Institute. The number of awards and amount awarded will depend on the strength of the applications received as well as available funding. While there is no strict upper limit on requested funding, we expect that research amounts typically are under $5,000.

Eligibility: Doctoral students at Columbia University enrolled in degree programs whose course of study fall within one of the four focus areas of the Center for Environmental Economics and Policy (CEEP): ecosystem services, climate change, health effects of pollution, or environmental policy design are eligible to apply.

Funded work: Awards can be used for travel expenses*, data purchases, expenses to collect data, and similar expenses at the discretion of the award committee.

How to apply: The application is available here.

Deadline: Completed applications and proposals must be submitted using the above link by Monday, November 13, 2023 (11:59pm EDT).

Requirements: All applications for funding must include:

1) The completed application form (google document), see link above

2) A clear and concise research description (study rationale, methods, and planned data analysis). Maximum length of 2 pages (please upload a separate pdf using the above link).

3) Budget. Maximum length of 1 page (please upload a separate pdf using the above link).

4) Letter of support from a faculty mentor/advisor. This can be quite brief (1 paragraph). Please tell your advisor to upload her/his recommendation using the following link here.

Application Review: A committee of CEEP-affiliated faculty will choose the award winners. In making the award decisions, the committee will decide what budget items can be funded and by what amount given the available funding.

Award announcement: Announcements of awards will be made by Monday, November 27, 2023.

Post-award: Winners of the award will submit a report of the completed work to CEEP by a date to be determined. The 2-page report will consist of a summary of research results and progress that was facilitated by the award. The report must also include a detailed account of how the allocated funds were used. Recipients are expected to acknowledge funding in their dissertation and possible future publications resulting from the funded work.

Questions: May be directed to [email protected].


Funding support

  • Funding from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) is gratefully acknowledged.
  • Funding from the Earth Institute is gratefully acknowledged.