About the Center


CEEP will undertake original research into the causes of environmental change, the consequences of this change for humanity, and the policies that can prevent and – where possible – reverse harmful environmental change to ensure sustainable development. CEEP’s goal is to share this knowledge with policymakers, fellow researchers, students, and concerned citizens worldwide. A defining feature of the Center's research is the integration of analytic approaches from economics with the natural sciences and engineering.

Check out videos of some of the work that current and former students are doing.

2021-2022 Job Market Students

Placement Director: Kiki Pop-Eleches

Matt Harrington * E-Mail * CV
Primary Fields: Water Sustainability, Data Science, Machine Learning
Letter Writers: Upmanu LallPepe (Jose) Olea

Charles Taylor * E-Mail CV
Primary fields: Environmental economics; Secondary fields: Health economics, Agricultural economics
Job Market Paper: "Cicadian Rhythm: Insecticides, Infant Health and Long-term Outcomes"
Letter Writers: Wolfram SchlenkerDoug Almond, and Geoffrey Heal


The Center brings together affiliates from the School of International and Public Affiars, Department of Economics, Columbia Business School, as well as The Earth Institute.


Funding by the School of International and Public Affiars and the The Earth Institute is gratefully acknowledged.