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Climate Change

The effects of weather and changes in the global climate on agricultural output is well documented. Recent research by CEEP’s faculty and students shows that other sectors in both developing and developed countries are also very much influenced by weather, including overall GDP, crime, conflict, and various educational outcomes such as student test scores.


The Environmental Protection Agency continuously conducts benefit-cost analyses to examine whether lower pollution standards result in health benefits that outweigh the cost of such regulations. The largest of the measured benefits is generally attributable to human mortality and morbidity impacts, often surpassing 80% of overall benefits. CEEP affiliates have conducted several studies to measures these effects. For example, in late 2018, there was a push to relax radiation limits and there is an ongoing discussion whether doing so will result in health costs.

Recent News

Global Doctoral Course

Faculty from Columbia, Harvard, Imperial, Mannheim, Oxford, Stanford, Texas and Yale will be offering an online PhD course on the "Financial Economics of Climate and Sustainability" in Spring 2023. The course is open to doctoral students at Columbia. The purpose of the course is to introduce researchers to questions and methods in the rapidly evolving fields of climate/sustainable finance and to connect researchers from across the globe interested in this topic to stimulate more rigorous, relevant, and collaborative work. Interested Columbia students should reach out to Professor Caroline Flammer and Professor Geoff Heal for further details. For more information on other professors and the course schedule, please review this flyer.


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